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Birmingham, Alabama

Services We Offer At This Location

Our Birmingham, Alabama location is proud to offer various lawn care, pest control, and tree and shrub care services.

We service the greater Birmingham area in partnership with All Green Lawn Care.
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Weed Control and Fertilizer

Applications 4-6 weeks apart, ensuring a green lawn throughout the whole season.

Organic Fertilizer

Compost derived all-natural option to maintaining a green lawn.

Core Aeration

Core aeration reduces soil compaction, creating a channel through which oxygen, water, and nutrients can penetrate the soil.

Soil Conditioner

A source of calcium and sulfur for plant nutrition. Conditioner improves soil structure, water infiltration and helps reduce erosion.

Ornamental Bed Weed Control

Our program utilizes pre and post-emergent control materials to control weeds without harming established shrubs and ornamentals plants.

Round Up Treatment

Round up treatment is applied to kill off areas of weeds.

Fire Ant Control

Our program utilizes a method of fire ant control aimed at eliminating the entire colony using the most environmentally responsible means available.

Exterior Home Pest Perimeter

Our technician sprays around your home, foundation, doors, windows, and other areas insects infiltrate the home.

This creates a barrier to keep ants, spiders, earwigs, and others out of the home.

Curative Grub Control

A powerful application that eliminates active grubs, which feed on turf grass roots and cause costly, unsightly, and devastating damage to the lawn.

8 Step Tree & Shrub Program

Throughout the year, we provide treatments designed as preventative maintenance to ensure the health and protection of your valuable landscaping.

Soil Drench

Soil drenching adds diluted control products directly to the base of a plant. This is a useful way to apply insecticides to trees with pest infestations.

Foliage Spray

Foliage spray is a treatment for scale on crepe myrtles.

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