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Kalamazoo, Michigan

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Services We Offer At This Location

Our Kalamazoo, Michigan location is proud to offer various lawn care, pest control, and tree and shrub care services.
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Weed Control and Fertilizer

Applications 4-6 weeks apart, ensuring a green lawn throughout the whole season.

Organic Fertilizer

Compost derived all-natural option to maintaining a green lawn.

Liquid Aeration

Naturally derived liquid aeration relieves soil compaction, increases the effectiveness of fertilizer, increases drought tolerance, and breaks down the thatch layer.

Granular Lime Treatment

Annual treatment to balance acidity, improve root strength and color.

Preventative Grub Control

Eliminate grub eggs before they have a chance to hatch and devastate the lawn with a guaranteed grub-free lawn, all season long.

Curative Grub Control

A powerful application that eliminates active grubs, which feed on turf grass roots and cause costly, unsightly, and devastating damage to the lawn.

Mole Control

Control costly damage from star-nosed and eastern European moles. Our state-certified technicians with 10 years of experience guarantee success.

Lawn Insecticide

This treatment specifically targets ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlies homeowners find in their yard.

Mosquito Suppresent

Targeted applications for the homeowner's property to eliminate eggs, larvae, and active mosquitos.

This repels mosquitos all season long to ensure the homeowner can enjoy the outdoors.

Exterior Home Pest Perimeter

Our technician sprays around your home, foundation, doors, windows, and other areas insects infiltrate the home.

This creates a barrier to keep ants, spiders, earwigs, and others out of the home.

Flea & Tick Control

Our treatment targets ticks where they live and breed, including their prime habitats like tall weeds around the perimeter of your property.

Tree & Shrub Program

Throughout the year, we provide treatments designed as preventative maintenance to ensure the health and protection of your valuable landscaping.

Trunk Injections

We provide a fast, effective, and tree-friendly method for treating a wide range of harmful pests, diseases, nutrients, and growth deficiencies.

Pruning & Tree Removal

Landscaping upkeep where our skilled service techs raise, shape, and or lower trees and shrubs based on the customer's direct specification.

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