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Pull the Plug on Pulling Plugs

Liquid Aeration and Why You Should Switch

Aeration is a service that lawn care companies have been offering and doing the same way from the start. The purpose of an aeration is to relieve soil compaction and promote root growth, therefore, creating a stronger and healthier lawn. This is usually done with a mechanical aeration process of pulling 3-4 inch cores out of the ground using a mechanical aerator machine. These core plugs are pulled out and distributed across the entire lawn. However, mechanical aeration has several drawbacks. Not only do you have to mark all of your sprinkler heads, dog fencing, and shallowly buried cables to ensure that they do not get run over and damaged, but the pulling of the plugs creates holes in the lawn canopy allowing weed seeds to germinate. All of these drawbacks caused the All Green team to look for a better option and we’ve found one! 

A more recent development in lawn care science is liquid biological aeration, an alternative that has numerous longer-lasting benefits, including those of mechanical aeration, with none of the drawbacks. Liquid aeration is a spray that is applied directly to the lawn which provides food to the microbe population that naturally occurs in healthy soil, boosting their numbers and accomplishing compaction relief the natural way. This happens on a larger scale as the application covers more surface area than the mechanical aeration and can be applied in tight areas that the mechanical aerator cannot fit. 

The bolstered microbial population works to loosen the soil, relieving compaction by breaking down organic matter which allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to better penetrate the root system of your lawn creating a stronger, denser root system and lawn. A strong root system increases drought tolerance, disease, and pest resistance. The microbes will also begin to break down the thatch layer, which when it becomes too thick, can promote lawn diseases. Last but certainly not least, you will no longer need to mark sprinkler heads, cables, or underground dog fences. You will not have to worry about mud being tracked in by kids and pets, and you will not see an increase in weeds after aeration.

All Green has been using this product for several years now and we are pleased with the results it produces. Our customers couldn’t be happier with the dark green, dense, plush lawns this application helps to create!

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