Healthy Lawn Tips & Tricks

Sharp Blade

One of the first things to help maintain a healthy lawn is to use a sharp blade for your mower. A sharp blade helps with your machine's workload, but it allows for a cleaner cut of the grass which then the grass heals faster due to the clean-cut promoting photosynthesis.

Proper Mow Height

Another tip for your lawn is to cut it at the proper height. In our northern states, it is common to see lots of cool-season grasses as they can survive the harsher winters. Cool-season grasses thrive when cut between 3-4 inches long. Allowing the grass to grow long prevents drying out and weeds from taking over your lawn. 

Early Evening

Lastly, the best time to mow for cool-season grasses is early evening! Switching your schedule to cut in the evening allows the grass more time to heal and recoup before the heat from the next day gets to it. We recommend that you do not cut the grass when it's too wet. When grass is wet, it can cause an uneven trim when mowing, which can cut too close, leading it to burn or browning from the heat.

All Green's Program

All Green Lawn Care is on it when fertilizing and controlling any weeds in your lawn. With six rounds of fertilizer treatment throughout the year, the program is simple to adjust to your lawn's needs. Along with these tips and All Green's lawn fertilizer and weed control program, you can keep your grass looking greener, as that's our name and guarantee!

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