How To Control Lawn Grubs

What Are Grubs?

When pest control meets lawn care, grub control is a common phrase thrown around, but what are grubs, and what do they turn in to? Grubs are the larval stage of beetles, such as June bugs and Japanese beetles, which are an invasive species. Grubs are identifiable by their white bodies, dark heads, and signature letter C shape. These grubs live in the soil during development which takes about three to five weeks to mature. Once in adulthood, these transformed grubs are now beetles and emerge to find mates and lay eggs, completing their life cycle.

While in their larval state, grubs can damage turf by eating the root system of the lawn causing large dead patches that usually appear in the fall. The dead grass in these sections of lawn will pull up very easily due to the lack of a root system to hold it in place. Another common indicator of a grub infestation are dig spots from animals such as skunks, opossums, and raccoons caused by them digging and eating the grubs.

As adults June beetles are quite harmless but Japanese beetles can cause damage to foliage, flowers, and fruits. There are two main signs of Japanese beetle damage. The first is skeletonized leaves caused by the beetles eating the fibers of the leaves. Second is actually seeing the beetles which are easily identifiable by their copper/metallic-colored head with the occasional flash of green on their backs and white spots along the end of their wings.

All Green's Solution To Grubs

All Green Lawn Care has the solution once again! We can treat your lawn with a grub preventative in June or July to kill off those eggs before they hatch. The preventative application comes with a one season guarantee, if you end up with an infestation in the fall, we will treat them free of charge. If you have active grubs, we have a curative that we apply from August throughout the fall and into early spring to ensure your lawn is not damaged! Give All Green Lawncare a call to have your lawn looking great all year!

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