Wedgle Injections: What are they and how can they help your landscaping trees?

Are your trees not looking their best? Are they dropping their leaves earlier than they should due to a disease or insect infestation? We can help your trees look and feel their best with wedgle injections! 

All Green offers three types of wedgle treatments, a fungicide, insecticide, and lastly, a fertilizer. Depending on what your tree or shrub is battling with will determine which application is best for your tree.

The wedgle fungicide injection will help your plants fight off any major fungal diseases by injecting the fungicide into the base of the tree. The tree’s vascular system will take this up to help fight off that infection. This is meant to help treat infections such as:

  • Apple scab
  • Oak wilt disease
  • Dutch elm disease
  • Anthracnose 

The wedgle insecticide injection is a great option to consider if your trees are struggling with any insect infestations. The most common signs of an insect infestation are the loss of leaves prematurely, foliage damage from insect-eating, and plant wilting. Some common insects this will treat are:

  • Emerald Ash Borers
  • Lacebug
  • Leafhopper
  • Leaf miner
  • Scale
  • Japanese beetles

The last type of wedgle is called a Wedgle PK fertilizer injection. The PK injection is usually recommended for a tree being treated for a disease, insect infestation or just needs a boost to help develop a more robust root system and push out better foliage. It acts as a shot of nutrients to help bounce back from those pests and diseases. 

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